Viable Issues
for Confluence and Jira

Add the missing button to create Jira issues directly from Confluence -
organize your stuff elegantly structured

Add the missing button to create Jira issues directly from Confluence.
Organize your tasks, meetings, and projects more agile and elegantly structured.

As an Atlassian Solution Partner we dive deep into our customers‘ needs. After years of refining our apps with real-world customer corporations, we decided to make them publicly available on the Atlassian Marketplace. Watch out for more releases by Hagen Management over the course of the year. 

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One-click solution

Create Jira issues (tasks, epics, stories, bugs etc.) straight from Confluence pages with one click. In doing so, you can significantly raise user experience and acceptance for Jira – because it’s easy!

Establish standards

Viable Issues helps to establish standards for task, meeting, quality, and project management. Users can create and manage defined issue types from pages. This brings clearer structure into your collaboration workflow.

Fully customizable

You can easily customize project-, issue type-, component-, priority-, and epic link mapping. Selection of projects and issue types can be enabled or disabled. This ensures both flexibility and full control.

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